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Abdullah Abdullah is a prominent politician in Afghanistan and a member of the national coalition of Afghanistan.

He came to us at 5. September 1960 in the Kabul to the world and began his political career in the years from 1999 to 2001. During this time he worked as foreign Minister for the state of Afghanistan. The fighting against the Taliban overshadowed large parts of this term. His Post as foreign Minister he held under the government of Karzai’s five years, up to and including 2006 .

As the most important and decisive event in Abdullah Abdullah’s political career apply to the presidential elections in 2009. The Afghan politicians stepped up in this second election after the fall of the Taliban regime against Hamid Karzai. Here, Abdullah was seen as the most promising opposition candidate and had a good chance against the President, under which he had been for five years as foreign Minister. But the result was overshadowed by vote rigging and serious allegations of corruption. The election complaint Commission of the United Nations, 1.3 million votes were counting incorrectly or illegally distributed. Abdullah abandoned a run-off election against the incumbent, and pulled back in the connector temporarily from the political process .

A short time later, Abdullah Abdullah founded the coalition for change and hope. In 2010, the Afghan politicians joined with his party in the parliamentary elections. The coalition reached 90 seats in the Afghan Parliament, and was at the end of 2011 to the national coalition of Afghanistan.

In the presidential election of 2014, he ran again. The winner, Ashraf Ghani was declared, without the exact result of the vote count was announced .

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