Lose weight with the coffee trick So you can save even Jogging per week

And you must forgo (almost) nothing

This simple coffee-Trick saves a Time Jogging

01. June, 2020 – 10:25 PM

With slimming coffee? This life hack could help

Coffee is for many people, with even the everyday life of the most important helpers, to bring the tired mind back up to speed – even before 10 am, although this is not the best idea. Striking: According to Statista more than half of all people drink their coffee, preferably with milk. We reveal which small Change when you drink coffee your calorie balance can improve – without the need to taste and experience .

Lose weight with coffee: milk-misery?

Clear, black coffee without sugar is calorie-free and stimulating. Only 16 percent of Germans do drink coffee but on any accessories. Who to blame? Just in the Morning, perhaps even on an empty stomach, is to get a black coffee for a lot of people hardly down.

With a delicate and delicious milk coffee turns quickly into a culinary delight as a Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or Dalgona coffee, the drink also looks good. However, with the taste of the negative factors: milk is rich in fat, is now among some experts as harmful and also the calorie values are relatively high. But there is a little Trick how quite a few calories can save, without having to change your habits to change .

Plant drinks instead of milk: A slight change to Remove

The simplest solution is obvious: Plant drinks. In the past, many only knew soy milk, meanwhile, also oats have but and almond drinks established (the best oat drinks has named Stiftung Warentest at the beginning of may). If you don’t like the taste of soy, there are milder Alternatives. Combinations are becoming more and more popular, which combine the properties of different varieties together .

But what is the change from milk to plant-based variants is to bring in an everyday Cup of coffee? In addition to possibly occurring improvements of skin appearance, the health calculation is simple. The calorie comparison between 100 milliliters of oat milk and whole milk shows’s:

  • Oat drink (unsweetened): about 40 calories
  • Fresh Whole Milk (3.5 Percent Fat): about 65 calories

Bill: the one Who consumes so within a week, two packs of milk for his coffee, comes without problems in a Difference of 500 calories! This is roughly the amount of calories burned for an entire Jogging unit of 45 minutes to an hour.

Plant drinks: give up anything and lose weight

The exchange is easy, because you – have to do without, next to a small transition at the beginning – nothing. On the contrary, anyone Who has discovered the world of plants and drinks*, is to have fun with it, try different flavors and combinations .

Only one thing you need to watch out for: When Frothing. Not all plants milk variants lather, this is due to a different composition in comparison to whole milk. Fat and protein play a role here. Most variants but will not make any problems. Whoever wants to go: With special Barista-editions* the milk foam definitely.

Speaking Of Milk Frother: Who likes to drink creamy-light milk variations, you should take a look at this Frother from Philips: the Price of the Philips CA6500/30* is around 64 euros in the midfield, but with a cool look in different colors and with detachable parts easy for cleaning in the dishwasher.

6-Pack Oatly-oat drink in the Barista Edition

6-Pack Oatly-oat drink in the Barista Edition

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