Kathy Wopat’s husband Tom Wopat; Know more about her Husband, Married Life, and Children.

Kathy Wopat’s husband, Tom Wopat came into the spotlight as one of the top Hollywood celebrities. The couple is happily married for several years with no divorce rumors or any kinda fights. On board, let’s clear up some facts about their married life and children.

Thomas Steven Wopat is an American actor and a singer. He first achieved fame as Lucas K. “Luke” Duke on the long-running television action/comedy series ‘The Dukes of Hazzard .’ He is also known for his other series like ‘ Cybill ,’ ‘ Django Unchained ,’ and ‘ Longmire .’ He is professionally known as Tom Wopat and has also recorded several albums of country songs and pop standards.

Kathy Wopat’s husband, Tom Wopat.

Among Tom’s popular works, his role in the 2012 Quentin Tarantino film ‘Django Unchained,’ opposite Jamie Foxx is considered one of his brilliant films of all time.

Wopat was also associated with the television series ‘ Home Improvement ‘ with Tim Allen . Wopat, on the other hand, constantly makes guest appearances, one of which is the Broadway musical I Love My Wife .

Tom Wopat who has a huge net worth of $2 million is not only famous in the Entertainment world but has become pretty known in the illegal cases as well. He was arrested and charged with two cases which include; sexually assaulting a woman and carrying a bag of cocaine in his vehicle.

Kathy Wopat’s husband Tom Wopat Source: People.

He got released on $1000 bail with the cocaine case. Tom was alleged with three separate incidents regarding assaulting women. He denies those allegations and refuses to talk about it in public.

Currently, Wopat is seen focusing on theatres. In 1999, he even earned a Tony nomination for playing Frank Butler in the 1999 revival of Annie Get Your Gun.

Kathy Wopat married life with Tom Wopat.

Kathy Wopat is extensively known as the wife of famous celeb Tom Wopat. Although Tom’s professional life is clear as crystal, his private life is somewhat opposite.

He is brilliant at keeping his personal life under the radar. There is rarely any information regarding his married life, wife, and children.

divorce rumors

Although he was alleged for two illegal cases; indecent assault and drug possession, and was caught by the media, to catch his love life at the close is pretty impossible.

According to the biography of Tom, it is reported that he is married to Kathy Wopat and it is his second marriage. Tom’s wiki tells that the couple is blessed with five children; three sons named Walker, Joey, and Adam and two daughters named Lindsey and Taylor.

Just a few months back, news reports surfaced that Tom Wopat, 66, and his partner Kathy Wopat had split up. Truth or rumor, time will tell. The couple has yet not confirmed about their split up nor divorce.

But Wopat is seen extensively hanging alone by himself, and from the look of it, the news seems to be correct.

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