Katherine Schwarzenegger calls fiancé Chris Pratt a ‘huge blessing,’ says she feels ‘really lucky’

Chris Pratt announces engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Chris Pratt, the star of ‘Jurassic World’ and Katherine Schwarzenegger are engaged to be married.

Schwarzenegger gushed about her recent engagement to “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Chris Pratt in an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

“It’s amazing,” the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger said of her relationship with Pratt. “I think anyone who finds the person that they get to spend the rest of their life with… it’s a huge gift and a huge blessing, so I feel really lucky.”

Schwarzenegger and Pratt, who was previously married to Anna Faris, announced their engagement in January. At the time, the pair took to their respective Instagram accounts to share the news.

“It’s amazing. I think anyone who finds the person that they get to spend the rest of their life with… it’s a huge gift and a huge blessing, so I feel really lucky.”

The 29-year-old author said Faris was actually a big inspiration behind her latest venture — a podcast called “The Dog That Changed Me” launched in conjunction with Pedigree.

“[Anna] has an incredibly successful podcast. I really admire all the work that she’s done, and she’s definitely an expert at it,” Schwarzenegger recently told Us Weekly, referring to Faris’ “Unqualified” podcast. “Learning from her is another huge gift. I have such great people in my life that I’m able to learn from in all different areas of life and, and she’s definitely somebody that I look up to in the podcast world.”

She told Fox News the idea for the series was a collaborative effort between herself and the pet company. The podcast, according to Schwarzenegger, serves as “a platform for people to talk about their dogs and the decision they made to adopt animals — and what a difference they’ve made in their lives.”

The nine-episode limited series features a number of star-studded appearances, too. Actress and singer Mandy Moore, “Friday Night Lights” alum Minka Kelly, singer LeAnn Rimes, and actress Haylie Duff, among others, are a few of the notable guests. Schwarzenegger also interviewed Dan Lasko, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who shares “how his dogs have really helped him to transition into a normal life back home,” she said.

“All of the guests on the podcast are people who are incredibly passionate about animal rescue and spreading awareness about dog adoption — [they’ve] all had experiences with animals that have changed their lives and have taught them a lot about themselves and life in general,” she continued.

Schwarzenegger, who adopted her dog Maverick in 2013, said the podcast also serves as the perfect way for her to “continue to spread awareness about dog rescue and animal adoption.”

“He’s been such a huge blessing in my life; [he] opened up my eyes to the whole world of animal rescue that I wasn’t totally aware of before,” she said of the pup, who will turn six on Christmas. “I never intended to rescue Maverick at that time, but he came into my life at the perfect time and ended up being such a wonderful decision.”

“[He’s taught] me so much about myself, responsibility and unconditional love,” she added.

The first five episodes — which are available on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher — were released on May 14. The final four will be released on May 20.

As for a favorite moment in creating the series, Schwarzenegger was unable to pick just one.

“I think I have a special moment from every person’s interview. The first batch we’ve released has incredibly moving and incredibly heartwarming stories — in every single interview we laughed a lot, we cried,” she said of the “wonderful” experience. “I hope everyone who listens to it is moved by the ability of these animals to touch our lives.”

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