Amber Heard

Amber Heard is a rising star in the Hollywood sky. Hopefully the mud-divorce from Johnny Depp not to stop their flight for years to come

Amber Heard

  • Born 22. April 1986 , Austin, Texas, USA
  • First Name Amber Laura
  • Name Heard
  • Years 34
  • Size 1.73 m
  • Zodiac Taurus
  • Partner Elon Musk (2016-2017) ; Johnny Depp (2011-2016, divorced) ; Tasya van Ree (2008-2011) ; Valentino Lanus (2005-2006)

Not everyone knows that

Amber Heard advocates for the rights of homosexuals and had in 2010, even her Coming out as Bisexual. Prior to her marriage to Johnny Depp, you was with photographer Tasya van Ree .

Amber has two sisters.

Amber was in 2008 by the magazine "Maxim" on place 21 of the 100 hottest women voted, in 2010, she even climbed on rank 13 .

It has a sweet, little Yorkshire Terrier named Pistol.

Biography of Amber Heard

Amber Laura Heard came in Austin, Texas to the world. There she grew up as the daughter of a businessman and state officials the typical Texas very sheltered. She attended a Catholic school. However, that was never really her thing. Already in the Teens, the pretty Blonde appearances in local landed advertising campaigns. A sheltered world – marriage, a stroke of fate should change the life of the then 16-Year-old completely. Amber’s best friend died in an car accident. In all their grief and anger, she dropped out of school, put the Catholic Faith completely, Packed her things and went to New York.

From the Model to the spectacle asterisk

Arrived In New York proposed to Amber Heard first as a Model – and even quite successful. But she wanted to be more than just a pretty face with a nice body, so she moved on to Los Angeles, to try herself as an actress. But in L. A., many young pretty women who all have the same dream romp. And so the way was for Amber, of course, rocky. She landed first, only small roles in American television series such as a Appearance as a saleswoman in "O. C., California".

In the case of these celebrities, the love broke

First Rolls Of Film

Her first film role in starred Amber Heard in 2004 Sports Drama "Friday Night Lights – Touchdown am Freitag". And as it should be for a former Model is different: they portrayed a young school beauty. Greater attention they could with the Drama "Cold Country" catch, in which she played a young girl who has been embodied as a grown woman by Hollywood star Charlize Theron. At the latest, however, after with Justin Timberlake in "Alpha Dog – Deadly Friendships" to see was, should not have brought prominent society your knees to Tremble .

A soft spot for horror movies

The years of Amber Heards ascent in the movie business were primarily influenced by the horror flick. So you played "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" your first real (and really wonderful) main role, followed by "Zombieland" and "The Stepfather". Only a guest appearance in the Success series "Californication" and a role in the quirky Stoner Comedy "Pineapple Express" exceptions to the rule.

Marriage with Johnny Depp is from the dream to the nightmare

With the years Amber grew so slowly out of the Horror Genre and moved roles in successful films such as "Magic Mike XXL" and "The Danish Girl" on Land.

The Film, however, should your life with a fate encounter change, 2010 "The Rum Diary". She turned to the side of Johnny Depp, it began to crackle between the two . Christmas 2013 was followed by the engagement of. On 4. February 2015 has been married, it is a relatively brief happiness followed. In may 2016, it was announced that Amber Heard had submitted with serious accusations against her husband for a divorce . You accused Depp of domestic violence and obtained a restraining order against him. The case ends up in court.

Above all, it is about an alleged incident of 21. In may 2016. Johnny Depp is supposed to be drunk on that night and high have been and his wife attacked . "Johnny has hit me the whole time, yelling at my hair ripped, me and me violently in the face, resorted to", so amber’s statement in the court documents. No one knows what really happened between the Couple. Everything Further clarified dishes. And the divorce was the constant hassle about money, and truth. You wanted to just under seven million, should go to Charity – he is not transferred, at least in Amber. Since January of 2017, the two are divorced, at least officially. In April, the children’s hospital Los Angeles announced that Amber has a certain amount of between one and five million dollars donated. The bitter divorce battle has been found, I hope, finally come to an end .

The new man was an entrepreneur

Amber Heard lost no time – she had given away her heart even before the completion of the divorce new. Your New one was also a kauzig, but quite different than the aging movie star Depp. The billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk had Heards heart throb. In April 2017, there was even the first real couple photos of the two, even an engagement followed. But it should be more serious and the first media from the wedding dates twittered, has Amber, Musk, nothing more heard: flash separation.

The film career goes uphill

With the career, however, it seems to go uphill again. 2017 Amber Heard came out as a Mera with the DC-action movie "Justice League" in the cinema. In December of 2018 appears to be the Strip "Aquaman", in the amber’s role in Mera gets significantly more Screentime. After a brief lull seems to have Amber Heard again-good and is ready for new challenges.

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