Alexander Herrmann

Alexander Herrmann is not just any chef. With his TV shows, he collects Fans, and is completely changing the German kitchen

Alexander Herrmann

  • Born 7. June 1971 , Kulmbach, Bavaria/Germany
  • First Name Alexander Karl Rudolf
  • Name Herrmann
  • Years 48
  • Size 1.82 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Eva Herrmann (married)
  • Children Of Paul ; Sarah

Not everyone knows that

Also on the stage of Alexander Herrmann was able to convince: With an evening program, he toured through the cities, and cooked in front of up to 1200 people, an incredible Kick.

Back to the roots: Since the spring of 2019 Alexander Herrmann operates in addition to its Michelin-starred restaurants now also a Freibad-Kiosk – and not just any kind. Going for a walk in his home Wirsberg Herrmann accidentally saw that the Kiosk of the swimming pool, which he visited as a child, often, is to rent . "The Kiosk is for me a piece of the past, and home at the same time", time, self said. So he made nails with heads, and now offers in his outdoor swimming pool-Kiosk French fries with truffle Mayonnaise and caviar .

Alexander Herrmann seems to have a little fun with you, bird: in 2016, he participated in the Show "You Understand Fun?" with, as he was taken by Ina Müller on the grain. Three years later, the talkative chef took the moderation cards in the Hand, and led the audience through the BR-broadcast "Bavaria’s best jokes".

In addition to its stars of the "The Michelin Guide" Alexander Herrmann Shine with a other award: 2019, he is awarded the carnival in order "Resist the Envious ones" the carnival Association "Nuremberg air fleet of the Prince of carnival".

Biography of Alexander Herrmann

Alexander Herrmann, who is a native of upper Franconia, has an unusual childhood memory. Whenever there were fresh bread rolls, he has Packed in a plastic bag, so they are softer. Why? – "In our home there was always fresh bread, which was nothing Special any more. I found the latschigen super!" And even today, Alexander Herrmann, who lost his parents early and his training as a hotel specialist in Altötting completed, the value of special things. At the latest, after he graduated his master chef exam, not only as the best in his class, but also with honors, was clear: from Alexander Herrmann, a real Big one is !

Star of an ambitious chef

As a chef, it led back to Alexander Herrmann 1995 in the home. There, he rose in "Herrmann’s Romantik Posthotel" a, the heard since 1869 his family. But that was not the young Talent enough, and so Herrmann built in the following years, the "Restaurant Alexander Herrmann" as well as a Bistro and a cooking school on.

Alexander Herrmann in an Interview

The truth about the Jury-Zoff in "The Key"

2008 post hotel receives from the legendary "The Michelin Guide" a star as well as 17 of 20 points from the "The Gault-Millau", one of the world’s most influential Restaurant guide. However, this should not have been: 2019 Alexander Herrmann and chef Tobias Bätz is a second Michelin star for the hotel.

Talent and "culinary intelligence"

The recipe of his success? – Maybe this is what Alexander Herrmann "culinary intelligence" called. He means the Interplay of the belly, head and hand craftsmanship. And "not only the creativity, but so that they also make really sense ."

Alexander Herrmann as a TV chef

Alexander Herrmann is not a new face in the German-cooking-television. But he gives his ideas on the clock and ensures that not only the preparation, but also the products themselves are put under the microscope. From 1997 to 2004, he belonged to the Crew fixed the Vox-broadcast "Cooking duel". Later he had guest appearances "Olympia al dente", "Cooking but" or "Lanz kocht!".

In 2016, he is Tim Mälzer counterparty, again in the case of Vox, in "Kitchen Impossible". To come of his career in the Public own radio show on the station Bayern 1. And also as an author, he has tried four times already, to the people cooking, to bring closer.

The value of cooking

It is important for him is not so much that cooking is perceived as an Event, but that it still has a significance in the everyday life: "In the kitchen, a lot is forgotten ." In "Picked up with Alexander Herrmann" he wants even more: Herrmann would like to meet people, their products meet and take inspiration from them. The balancing act between his duties as a star chef and where in the TV is not Alexander Herrmann difficult: "I’m trying to break the know-how from the star kitchen down so far that I can spice up people’s homes with simple tips and Tricks for your everyday kitchen ."

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